Millefleur, the second release from Sir Orfeo, expands its predecessor Wild Raspberries’ placid puddles into a reflective, supernaturally still lagoon. Its songs are both gentle and arresting (you’re under a rest!) and meld disparate influences, strolling the strange border-lands of chamber-folk, Symbolist images, and ambient minimalism. Though lushness is the word, in these recordings is also apparent a sense of alchemy and disruption, cinema and remembrance. Listen for sampling keyboards, digital reverbs, and synths that sound like birds.

Sir Orfeo is the dramatis-persona played by Max Wareham, who learned his trade serving as contributing songwriter to cult classic Cousin Moon, road-dogging as bassist in psych-pop outfit Sun Parade, studying jazz in the conservatory, digging holes on a horse farm, rambling, and touring as an opener and personal driver for British folk legend Martin Carthy. He also lives an alternate life as a bluegrass banjo player and performs with the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band.

Previous Releases:

Wild Raspberries (2020)
Rosie (2017)
Good News (2017)
Cousin Moon (2017)